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022 – 12 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans


In this episode we are going to talk about Facebook. And more specifically, how to get more Facebook fans.

Why Facebook is still important:

  • Still the biggest social network (after email)
  • Publishers pay attention to Facebook, particularly your PTAT score.

12 Ways to Get More Fans:

  1. Create sharable content particularly photos.
  2. Put a Facebook like box on the sidebar of your website. Shows people their friends that already like your page. Good for credibility.
  3. Convert your personal page into a business page.
  4. Invite your friends (but don’t go crazy)
  5. Get a Facebook Vanity URL
  6. Post photos from a shared event.
  7. Put a link to your Facebook on paper (promotional bookmarks, back of your book, etc).
  8. Put a Facebook icon on your website prominently. People will google you looking for your facebook. You want your website, the first thing up, to have an easy path to Facbeook.
  9. Advertise.
  10. Contests (combine contests with advertising. For every $1 you spend on the prize you
  11. should spend another $2 on advertising.)
  12. Email: Put a link to your Facebook on your email newsletter. Also put your URL in your email signature.

Some things not to try:

  • Buying fake fans on Fiver or eBay.
  • Spamming other social networks asking people to switch to Facebook.
  • Suggesting your page to friends over and over again.

Most Important:

Give people a reason to return. “What is in it for me?”


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