In this episode we are going to talk about how independent authors can use crowdfunding to promote and pay for their next book.

What is crowdfunding?

  • Mary DeMuth’s Story
  • Marci Seither’s Story
    • The Adventures of Pearley Monroe.”

Benefits of Crowdfunding:

  • Get money now, deliver the book later.
  • Test your idea. See how much demand there is for your book.
  • Promote Your Book
    • Crowdfunding creates a sense of excitement
    • Crowdfunding creates a sense of urgency.
    • Crowdfunding creates a sense of scarcity.
    • Crowdfunding creates a sense of popularity.

Dangers of Crowdfunding:

  • Failure is very public.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Time … it’s a job!



The Ultimate Crowdfunding Course for Authors


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