Talking Points:

Esther Story:

  • Esther Had a Tough Marketing Position

  • Not in favor with the King

  • Had a big ask.

  • What does she do? She offers value and invites the King to a banquet in his honor.

  • At the banquet does she offer her big ask? No, she invites him to a second banquet.

  • It is not till the second banquet that she makes her ask.

Ok so why does this story matter to authors?

Many authors are like Queen Esther. They are not in favor with readers (yet) and they have a big ask to make (please buy my book)

The takeaway here is to throw a banquet for your readers.

So how do you throw a banquet for your readers.

Social Media, Blog, Email

Everything focused on value.

  • Throw a literal banquet.

  • Review Similar Books

  • Novel Rocket Story

  • Free Short Stories

  • Podcast Your Story

Be Creative, Every Book Has a  Hook for a Unique Banquet



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